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Bubble chart data value display

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I was looking at creating a bubble chart and it looked fine, the only issue I have is that while displaying the data values i do not want to display it inside the bubble but beside the bubble, is this possible ?




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Guest Sashibhusan

Hi Parth,


With regard to your query, please note that natively FusionCharts XT does not provide any attribute to set the data values besides the bubbles, as of now.


However, as a work around, you could provide the data values as string in "displayValue" attribute of set element, along with {br} pseudo code (for moving the value down the bubble) or HTML encoded space "  " (for moving the value towards right of the bubble).


Please find the attached screen shot along with the XML code sample below, for your reference.


XML code sample:

<chart showValues='1'>
<set x='40' y='1.3' z='116' name='Traders' displayValue='{br}{br}{br}{br}{br}{br}{br}Traders' />
<set x='60' y='3.5' z='99' name='Farmers' displayValue='                                       Farmers' />

Hope this helps!


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