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Is x-axis value hover text available in JS zoomline charts?

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Hi folks,


I'm working on upgrading our current Flash charts to FusionCharts XT's Javascript-only charts, and I noticed that, unlike our previous Flash zoomline chart, the JS version does not display hover text showing the x-axis value on hover.  I see this in the example chart "Multi Series Zoom Line Chart" shown here:


If I toggle between Flash and JS mode in this example chart, I see the individual date pop up along the x-axis when I hover over the chart in the Flash version, but not in JS.  Is there any way we can create a similar popup in our JS zoomline chart?  


Please let me know.  Thanks!

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It is the intended behavior of JavaScript ZoomLine chart, as of now(v3.3.1 SR3).


This feature will be implemented in the upcoming release(v3.4).


Hope this helps!

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