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  1. Fusion chart is rendering in the local system..but after hosting the application into the server it is not rendering..getting like Chart. meassage in the page. I am using stringbulider to render the chart...if i use string then it is working fine in both local system as well as server..can anyone please suggest why so. Thanks, Nayana

  2. Vertical line marking cursor position?

    Hi, This is supported in our Zoom Line chart. Please refer: For documentation, please refer: Hope this helps!
  3. yAxisMaxValue is not working

    Hi, Thank you for the JSON data. When you add up the values for 12-Jun-2013 series, it adds upto 100.01 and that is why yAxisMaxValue definition is overridden. If the sum value is more than 100 even by 0.001, then the charting engine will override the yAxisMaxValue set and sets the max value to a little higher value to accommodate space for the higher value data plot. Hope this clarifies.
  4. Legend Tootltips

    Hi, You will not be able to add toolTips in the legend. Hope this clarifies.
  5. yAxisMaxValue is not working

    Hi, We are unable to replicate the issue. Please find attached screen shot. Can you please share your complete JSON data for testing purposes? Also, please let us know the chart dimensions being used.
  6. Pie Chart on a Scatter Plot

    Hi, Please drop a mail to [email protected] with your request. Hope this helps!
  7. Pie Chart on a Scatter Plot

    Hi, It should be released anytime soon now. We will keep you posted when once the release is done. Hope this helps!
  8. Pie Chart on a Scatter Plot

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum Can you please confirm if you want those Pie charts to be interactive? If yes, then it is not supported. If they are just images representing a pie chart, then yes, it is supported in our upcoming version, using annotations. You may click on the Scatter chart data plots(Pie chart) and then drill down. Hope this clarifies!
  9. Shifting X-axis to Opposite side

    Hi Raam, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum We do not support this feature, as of now. Hope this clarifies.
  10. yAxisValuesStep not working as expected

    Hi, If the chart height is sufficient, then it will display all the y-axis values. If there is no space to display all the y-axis values, then few values will be hidden, for good, ignoring the yAxisValuesStep attribute definition, to make the chart legible. Hope this clarifies.
  11. Tool Text new Line {br}

    Hi, We do not support any other pseudo-codes. Hope this clarifies.
  12. yAxisValuesStep not working as expected

    Hi, It is working fine from our end. Please find attached screen shot of the chart rendered. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi, Scroll bar is supported only in Scroll Charts such as Scroll Column 2D Chart, Scroll Line 2D Chart, Scroll Area 2D Chart, Scroll Stacked Column 2D Chart, Scroll Combination 2D Chart and Scroll Combination 2D Chart (Dual Y) only. Hope this helps!
  14. Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum Can you please share the XML data for testing purposes?
  15. Showing values inside a `Doughnut Chart`

    Hi, It is not supported, as of now. It is supported in the upcoming version(v3.4). Hope this helps!