MsLine categories > category - showLabel is not working properly

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Hello Team,


I am using Javascript (Json) driven MsLine chart ,in which I am trying to show few months data(I don't want the zooming functionality so using MsLine chart).


Categories element containing all the dates between provided startDate and endDate ,


and I am trying to show only first day date of the every month on X-Axis and thats why I am using


"showLabel":"1"  for such dates.


but still its showing only  few dates visible on X-Axis out all the dates for which has  showLabel value is "1".


is there any special handling needs to be do for showLabel tag ?



attaching sample json in which for 4 dates  "showLabel":"1" is set  but still its showing only first 2 dates on X-Axis

(please change the file ext  to .json )


Your Help will be Appreciated ...






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Hi Amol,


Apologies for the delayed response.


Due to advanced label management to the X axis, "showLabel" is not working as you except. You can opt not to apply the advanced label management to the X axis labels. For this, you need to set the attribute labelDisplay='none' in <chart> element.


Ref. Code:

<chart ....labelDisplay="NONE" rotateLabels="1" slantLabels="1">

Hope this helps.

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