stroke-dasharray="undefined" in chart SVG string

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Hi folks,


We're using the chart SVG string to export downloadable images via our own Python server-side export handler.  Recently we've noticed that some charts have many instances of 


which is throwing an error in CairoSVG, the Python image processing library we're using to convert the SVG data to PNG.  Do you have any idea what might be causing this undefined value?  Unfortunately I don't think I can get an example of the chart XML for you, as our error traceback doesn't show the URL of the chart the user was originally viewing - I'll work on this, but in the mean time any insight you have would be welcome.   :)


See attached text file for SVG content - note 14 instances of "stroke-dasharray='undefined'".


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Yes, on closer inspection I discovered that we haven't seen any instances of this error since the day we deployed version 3.4.  Assuming it's resolved.  Thanks for your help!

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