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Clickable stackedarea2d

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I have a stackedarea2d chart where i want each series to be clickable, so i tried adding a "link" attribute to each "dataset". That did not work. Placing the "link" inside each "data" element (in each "dataset") creates a tiny clickable point that are not really useable in an area chart - users expect to click on the horizontal areas, not a little spec on the border between two areas ...


Is there any way to make a series clickable?


code example, json format:


    "dataset": [
        "seriesname": "My series 1",
        "link": "JavaScript:testFunction('this is where i want the clik - but it doesn't work');",
        "data": [
          {"value": "130000", "link": "JavaScript:testFunction('this works - kinda');"},
          {"value": "120000"},
          {"value": "180000"}

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In FusionCharts v3.4, you can make you charts clickable with the option available. 
According to your requirement you can click any dataset in the Stacked Area 2D chart and call the Javascript function. A 'link' attribute is set in each set elelment of your XML file or data element of your JSON file..
You can also use 'Anchors' to distinguish the link point. To obtain such try setting the attribute  "drawAnchors": "1", "anchorAlpha": "100" in the chart element of your  JSON/XML file.
A sample has been attached to fulfill your requirement.
Hope this helps.

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