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Using lineDashGap and lineDashLen with a legend

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I have a mscombi2d chart I am using with line values.  I am setting the lineDashGap and lineDashLen values on the series to draw the lines as dashed or dotted.  This works fine, however in the legend there is no indication of the series line being dotted or dashed.  Is there a way to have the legend display this information?

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The legend icon is already defined as per the chart type supported. The attributes lineDashGap and lineDashLen set the cosmetic properties of the chart. These are not dependent on the legend of the chart.


If you want to reflect your change in legend, you can try out using a feature called Annotations.


Annotations are user-defined objects or shapes drawn on a chart. Annotations are often required to make interpretation of the chart easy for the end user. 


Refer these links for Annotations: 1) 

Hope this helps.

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