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We have created a dashboard for our Education Montor

which has been a great success.


We now want to do one for our Youth site but with the charts

opening directly from the map. This means it is the master chart

is there a way to have the close button on the master chart?


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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum Post.


Your Education Monitor dashboard looks great.


For the required close button on your map, you can configure the properties of LinkedCharts. The configureLink(param, levelaccepts configuration for the "overlay button" of LinkedCharts. The link below will let you know more about overlaybutton on linked charts.


Below is a fiddle where configurelink() has been used.Its a column drill down configured to pie chart. Similar implementation can be done for map drill down to column charts.


You can also try out the LinkedCharts using jQuery PrettyPhoto to view the detailed chart in a PrettyPhoto lightbox. The documentation link below will help you further on its implementation.


You can also check out our chart gallery which uses similar pop up for charts.


Hope this helps. Do drop us a mail if you require any further assistance.



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