Firefox not displaying charts- A plugin is needed to display this content

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Hi Team,


Fushion 3D Bar Chart is not displaying in Firefox. but it works in IE & Chrome. Data XML values are rendered to browser but Mozilla shows 'A plugin is needed to display this content'. Please advise



Thanks in advance.



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Welcome to FusionCharts forum.


To display a Flash movie correctly in a browser using FusionCharts Free, HTML page should contain specific tags that specify the Flash movie file to be opened and played. There are two tags which are intended for it: <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tags.

Meanwhile, FusionCharts Free has been discontinued. We would suggest you to upgrade to latest version of FusionCharts Suite which supports pure JavaScript rendering.

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Thanks for your update.

Its working in other browsers IE, chrome. only In firefox the reported issue is occurring.


I am using ASP:Literal control to display the fusion charts in Front end using Please advise how and where I can add <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tags.





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