FusionMaps v3.0.5 released

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We've just released FusionMaps v3.0.5 with the following new features:




* New: Ability to save maps as images and to invoke this functionality from JavaScript.


* New: Ability to print maps from JavaScript.


* New: Option to remove "Print Map" context menu item.


* New: Option to show/hide entity label for individual entities.


* New: Ability to handle the rollOver/rollOut event for entities in JavaScript/flash code.


* New: Option to show entity long names as part of labels.


* New: Map Specification Sheet Generator in JavaScript or as a Windows application. Generate CSV files for entity ids and names directly from map.


* New: 125 maps in core suite. 2 additional packs (Europe & Americas/India) containing 170 additional maps that can be downloaded as part of your existing license.


* New: ASP.NET code samples in both VB.NET and C# with new Master Page and Update Panel examples.


* Improvement: FusionMaps JavaScript Class v1.3 with support for maps within FORMs and transparent mode.


* Bug fix: Fixed Flash Player 9.0.115 problem where links were not being invoked when map was loaded in Flash movie.


* Bug Fix: Security fix that restricts XSS attacks. FusionMaps now loads data from only relative URLs. Absolute URLs are not allowed.




Licensed users may download the free upgrade from

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