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Live update in Angularjs gauge?

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I have a FusionChart gauge that I want to update every second in Angularjs. I have a json object with values that I want to use to update the gauge with.
I think that I proplably should use the function "setData(dialIndex, value)" somehow.
I know how to create a interval but not how to use the update function for the dail.

Right now when I update the dial value the gauge dial starts from 0 to the value, but I want it to go from lets say 75 to 90.

Any ideas?



$scope.dashboardSpeed = {
   "chart": {
     "dials": {
       "dial": [
         "value": "65",





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Hello and thanks for the support.


I solved the problem, just did the all the javascript code for FusionChart in a AngularJs directive.

Maybe not the best way but it works.

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