FusionCharts Free for FileMaker v2 released

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We've just released FusionCharts Free for FileMaker v2 with the following changes:




- Added funnel chart


- Added FusionCharts Library.fp7, which simplifies inclusion of FusionCharts in FileMaker applications


- Added FusionCharts Configuration Tool that helps you build FusionCharts URL visually


- Added FusionCharts Learner Kit created for the launching the learner apps


- Database structure, table names and fields, in most of the applications have been changed to follow naming conventions and allow for better scripting.


- Print Button has been provided in all the applications.


- Enhanced scripts by adding more comments, pre-requisites and structuring them properly


- Enhanced our documentation




Additionally, there are a lot more minor changes that we've not listed above, but enable you to use FusionCharts more efficiently in your FileMaker applications.




You can download FusionCharts Free for FileMaker v2 from We would love to hear your suggestions/feedback/complaints on this at filemaker [at]

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