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it seems it is not possible to highlight all districts in the javascript version of Czech Republic districts maps. If I try to add all district's entities, one of them (ID 26 - Frydek-Mistek) still stay in non-highlighted state. Have I done something wrong, or it is a bug? If I select less districts, everything works ok, but if there are more than 60, problems appears. There is my code:
<map borderColor='005879' fillColor='e6f8ff'  numberSuffix='' includeValueInLabels='0' labelSepChar=':' baseFontSize='9'><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='100' displayValue='Okresy' color='#33DD33' /></colorRange><data><entity id='01' value='100' /><entity id='02' value='100' /><entity id='03' value='100' /><entity id='04' value='100' /><entity id='05' value='100' /><entity id='06' value='100' /><entity id='07' value='100' /><entity id='08' value='100' /><entity id='09' value='100' /><entity id='10' value='100' /><entity id='11' value='100' /><entity id='12' value='100' /><entity id='13' value='100' /><entity id='14' value='100' /><entity id='15' value='100' /><entity id='16' value='100' /><entity id='17' value='100' /><entity id='18' value='100' /><entity id='19' value='100' /><entity id='20' value='100' /><entity id='21' value='100' /><entity id='22' value='100' /><entity id='23' value='100' /><entity id='24' value='100' /><entity id='25' value='100' /><entity id='26' value='100' /><entity id='27' value='100' /><entity id='28' value='100' /><entity id='29' value='100' /><entity id='30' value='100' /><entity id='31' value='100' /><entity id='32' value='100' /><entity id='33' value='100' /><entity id='34' value='100' /><entity id='35' value='100' /><entity id='36' value='100' /><entity id='37' value='100' /><entity id='38' value='100' /><entity id='39' value='100' /><entity id='40' value='100' /><entity id='41' value='100' /><entity id='42' value='100' /><entity id='43' value='100' /><entity id='44' value='100' /><entity id='45' value='100' /><entity id='46' value='100' /><entity id='47' value='100' /><entity id='48' value='100' /><entity id='49' value='100' /><entity id='50' value='100' /><entity id='51' value='100' /><entity id='52' value='100' /><entity id='53' value='100' /><entity id='54' value='100' /><entity id='55' value='100' /><entity id='56' value='100' /><entity id='57' value='100' /><entity id='58' value='100' /><entity id='59' value='100' /><entity id='60' value='100' /><entity id='61' value='100' /><entity id='62' value='100' /><entity id='63' value='100' /><entity id='64' value='100' /><entity id='65' value='100' /><entity id='66' value='100' /><entity id='67' value='100' /><entity id='68' value='100' /><entity id='69' value='100' /><entity id='70' value='100' /><entity id='71' value='100' /><entity id='72' value='100' /><entity id='73' value='100' /><entity id='74' value='100' /><entity id='75' value='100' /><entity id='76' value='100' /><entity id='77' value='100' /></data></map>
<script type="text/javascript">
 echo renderChart($this->baseUrl() . "/resources/charts/FCMap_CzechRepublicDistricts.swf", "", $bricksXML, "repmap", 600, 350, False, True)

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Could you please check out the fiddle below?


Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/moonmi/gsqbquq0/


We have used the same chart data shared from your end and have yet not encountered any issue with it.


However, please note that the above fiddle uses the latest js files of V3.7.1  If you are using any older version of FusionCharts, please try using the latest version and try rendering the charts.


If the issue still persists or if we are missing out anything please elaborate your issue further.



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Hi Moonmi,

thank you for your help. I updated to the version 3.7.1 and now data are displayed correctly, but unfortunatelly EntityClicked listener has stopped to work. I took a look in the documentation and there are listed only following listeners (docs.fusioncharts.com/maps/Contents/javascript/js_event_mouse.html):












Was "EntityClicked" listener removed during update from v3.3 to 3.7.1 ?

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