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Differences between javascript and flash renderer

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I'm using v3.3.1 and for both and I'm able to render Area type with JS renderer but not for Flash renderer.


For changing column between primary and secondary axis works when using JS renderer as well for line but not for Flash renderer.


Switching renderer from JS with the above mentioned configurations to Flash will return unexpected appearance of the chart.


Example of 'Multi-series Column 3D plus Multi-series Line - Dual Y Axis' used with above mentioned configuration which works in JS and not in Flash.

<chart xaxisname=“Name" formatnumberscale="1" palettecolors="1892D0,AC453F,00C18F,80689C,DD8433,7B1C1D,7D8FF2,2880A2,C25E90,EA9F78,80A0A0,4371A9,685556,F96464,5E469E,80C1D1,169B94,FF7D30,7F757C,033B72,FFFFFF,000000" numberscalevalue="1000,1000,1000" numberscaleunit="K,M,B" showalternatehgridcolor="0" canvastopmargin="1" showlegend="1"  showborder="0" canvasbgangle="0"  canvasbgalpha="0,0" showalternatevgridcolor="0" zeroplanethickness="2" showvalues="0" maxlabelwidthpercent="35" zeroplanealpha="80" use3dlighting="0" labeldisplay="AUTO" stack100percent="0" showplotborder="0" bgalpha="0,0" charttopmargin="10" canvasbordercolor="efefef" xaxisnamepadding="10" showshadow="0" plotgradientcolor="" plotfillalpha="75" canvasborderthickness="0" caption="New Chart" exportenabled="1">
      <category label="08 Oct 1990" />
      <category label="09 Oct 1991" />
      <category label="10 Oct 1992" />
      <category label="11 Nov 1993" />
      <category label="12 Dec 1994” />
   <dataset seriesname=“Series A" linethickness="1" plotborderthickness="1" renderas="COLUMN" parentyaxis="S">
      <set value=“1"/>
      <set value=“2"/>
      <set value=“3"/>
      <set value=“4"/>
      <set value=“5”/>
   <dataset seriesname=“Series B" linethickness="1" plotborderthickness="1" renderas="AREA" parentyaxis="P">
      <set value="20" />
      <set value=“30" />
      <set value=“40"/>
      <set value=“50" />
      <set value=“60"/>

Is there any approach to have the same behaviour on flash and javascript renderer for the above mentioned chart types and configurations?

For Multi-series 3D Single Y Column Line Area True 3D Charts chart type chart looks different from JS to Flash(missing rotation display, and depth), what approach do you suggest to achieve the same results in both Flash and JS for this type of chart?




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Hi Razvan,


Support for rendering of charts, gauges, and maps in Adobe Flash has been deprecated since v3.4.0 or higher versions.


Refer this link for the reason Flash has been deprecated:


The chart rendered in both Flash and JavaScript will show up the difference in some parameters.


Also, visit this for more clarification:


Hope this helps.

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