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Problem with local files using "file" protocol for setDataURL

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We are trying to link up files that live on mounted volumes.


The volumes are visible on the webserver. This is an internal server so we have no concern for security.




I am unable to get the graph to work if its pointing to the path on the volume.


I am, however, able to view XML the file no problem with the same command.




It looks like FusionCharts is using the WEB root path and not the file:/// path that I am giving it.




Do I need to format the string slightly different when passing a file:/// to the javascript function?




Here is what something like what I am trying to do.




function draw_chart(query,debug)


var chart1 = new FusionCharts("/charts/MSLine.swf", "RTDynamicChart", "700", "600", debug, "0");

query = "/data/FusionCharts/SampleFile.xml";


chart1.setDataURL( escape( query) );

//chart1.setDataURL( escape( "file://" + query) );

if(debug) {

document.write("View XML");




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Well, solved my own problem:




For python folks:




def printXML(file):

    fhand = open( file , 'r')

    print "".join(fhand.readlines())





Worked for me!!!

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