FusionCharts Suite v3.10.0 released

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Hey All,


FusionCharts Suite v3.10.0 released


FusionCharts Suite XT now supports three new charts—the treemap chart, the zoom scatter chart, and the zoom-line dual y-axis chart.

  • The treemap chart is modeled on the tree data structure and is used to plot hierarchical information using 2D rectangles.

  • The zoom-scatter chart combines the capabilities of a scatter chart with the zooming and panning features.

  • The zoom-line dual y-axis chart extends the capabilities of a zoom-line chart by allowing for large data sets with different numeric units and intervals to be plotted.


The release also includes support for new attributes for improved data visualization as well as interactivity, as well as improvements and bug fixes for issues impacting clients.  Click here for more details.


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