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Angular FusionCharts is not defined problem

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I am building a Laravel, AngularJS web app. I inject the dependency and all the js files are compiled correctly in the app.js. But whenever I try to load the page, the error appears: Uncaught ReferenceError: FusionCharts is not defined(anonymous function) @ fusioncharts.charts.js:11

All the fusion js files are in a folder which is compiled by gulp. The angular-fusion js file is in the directives folder and it is injected correctly. I am really confused by this problem. Any ideas?

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Can you refer the fiddle ? (it has been updated with latest FusionCharts and angular plugin) It only happens when the fusioncharts js files are not present in the intended folder.


and ref. doc:


Please re-check with the files and the sample shared.



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