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I have seen references such as "map will adjust to the size of the container which has to be adjusted by other means", but that "other means" is never described in the responses I have seen.

Since my experiments seem to show that max-height and max-width do not work, resulting in a tiny, scrunched up map, I assume the only means I have left is javascript or media queries.


Is this right, or am I missing something?

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I'm afraid I do not know how to set anything in the <head> section on jsfiddle, and the viewport would need to be set. I don't know that that would be a good way to demo, anyway. as the demo should really be full screen.

You can take a look at my demo page, though,  here

I did change the jsfiddle markup to basically resemble my setup.  Opacity doesn't seem to be working, for some reason.

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