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Will there be a way to limit what is written to the ULS and SharePoint list error logs?

We have hundreds of charts across lots of different pages in a manufacturing environment to create Kiosk views of our data.

Due to the way manufacturing is there are frequent occurrences of zero data returned to a chart - this is NOT an error, it is a known event and when tracking rejected materials that actually is a good thing.  The issue is that Collabion is flagging all zero data return events as an error into both the ULS and SharePoint error list.  This is causing us great stress especially in the SharePoint list where that is growing at a rate of thousands of entries per week.


Is anyone else seeing a similar issue and what are you doing to get ahead of this? 

I would love for a way to limit what Collabion is writing out in the error logs but short of this any other suggestions?  Clearing out a list that has several hundred thousand entries is painful and the lists are growing at a exponential rate.





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Hi Andy,


Good to hear from you. As we told you earlier, currently there is no automated way in stopping Collabion from writing the logs or customizing what Collabion writes in the logs. We will keep you posted if there is any further development on this.


Thanks and Regards,

Arkaprovo Naha

QA Lead, Collabion Charts for SharePoint

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