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FusionWidgets XT - Angular Gauges - Animation

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Hello to everybody,


I have a little problem: I have a angular gauge used for a speedometer app.

Real-time changing doesn't really interfere with the retarded GPS timeout, so I did it this way:






(BTW: render_angular_gauge() and _CONV_STRING() are internal functions of mine)


Works really fine, I knew how to set the animation speed, but I do not really know how to set where the "arrow" should start.

I mean, by setting a new dial value, it starts at "0" and runs up.

That's not really what I want. Is there any way for doing that? Means I save the old value to a variable named "old_speed" and say something like "animation-start": old_speed or does anything like that not exist?


I hope you understood what I mean. sorry my english is not best, I am German.


Thanks for your help!





... oh sorry, typo in my username. :blink:

    I'm "Ollibits", why Olfibits? :mad: Hmmmmm

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Your required scenario is not achievable natively using the FusionCharts Angular Gauge.


The gauge pointer will always start from the lowerLimit of the gauge to the value specified in the "value" attribute of the "dial" object. If you have the lower limit as "0", the pointer will start from "0". This is the functionality of the Angular Gauge.


Partially your scenario could be achieved if you set the attribute "lowerLimit" same as the value you want to start the gauge with.


To do so, you can set the lowerLimit using the "setChartAttribute()" method and then set the dial value using the feedData() method.


Check the sample fiddle :




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