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Does the FusionCharts archive include sample PHP code for running a Gantt chart from the server side?

I’ve been trying to adapt the multiseries Col2d example listed below. It uses a single table with four columns, then has a “while” loop run through each row to load four arrays.

For Gantt, I’ve tried three “while” loops to run through Category, Process, and Task tables. But I don’t really know PHP and haven't been able to get it working.

I’m hoping somebody at FusionCharts has done a server-side implementation of the Gantt chart for PHP.



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Thanks for the query.
We are sharing a sample of a multi series chart, created using PHP and MySQL where the data format is in XML.
Kindly refer the sample attached below and form data source for Gantt chart like this.
Please find the sample fiddle given below to know more about the data source format required for Gantt chart.

Hope this will help.

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Hmmm, OK, you're using some new operators (addChild, addAttribute), which look like they could clean up the code. Still using a single while loop to iterate over a single table with four columns.

I'm guessing there's no server-side Gantt example sitting around. Those new operators might clean things up enough for me to understand how the multidimensional arrays are getting used.

Thanks, Prerana! I'll study the example. If I get something working, I'll post it here.


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