404 Error when attempting to export charts

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My web application is meant to be able to export server-side generated charts with a save button.

However, upon trying to save any charts that have been displayed in the application, I am greeted with a 404 error page from JBoss.

I'm running Linux Mint 17.3. The web application runs on top of Apache, JBoss 3.0.0-CR2, and Java SDK 1.7. It was built with Maven.

I've attached a screenshot below.

My question is this: why am I getting a 404 error, and where does the issue actually come from?


Screenshot from 2017-06-09 15:13:27.png

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Please check the check the whether the path is set properly in the properties file, also please not that in the view page/the jsp page where you are adding the chart attributes please check whether you have provided the correct url to exporthandler attribute also you need to use exportAction attribute at the chart level and set its value as save

For setting up private export server you can check our previous response to your earlier post.

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