zoomTo() and resetChart() methods on FusionCharts object not found

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When using the zoomline graph, I get a Javascript error when I try to call zoomTo() or resetChart() methods on a FusionCharts object.  For example, when trying to call the zoomTo() method, Javascript console displays the error "chartObj.zoomTo is not a function".   This happens with fusioncharts.js version 3.13.5-sr1 and 3.13.5.   Everything works fine, though, with version 3.13.1.

Are those methods still available on in 3.13.5?

                        var chartObj = new FusionCharts({ type: 'zoomline',....});


                        chartObj.zoomTo(2, 10);     <=== get an error




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Yes, zoomTo() and resetChart() API methods for Zoomline chart are available in the current version that is 3.13.5-sr.1. Please refer to the below link for the list of API methods :


Also find the below working samples for reference, with no error thrown on invoking these methods on the chart object references :

Sample fiddle(zoomTo) :

Sample fiddle(resetChart) :




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