Felipe Vendramini

Bars merging appearence on IE11 with many bars

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I've been using FusionCharts on my test environment and I noticed while testing on IE and Edge that my bars chart gets buggy when it does have many elements.

This is how the chart displays on Chrome and Firefox:


And this is how it displays on IE and Edge:


I noticed also that fonts wont load, there's any fix or suggestion on how to fix this?

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Hi Felipe,

The "merging of bars" and "fonts not applying" issue is replicated only in IE11 browser when a theme is applied. Edge, Chrome and Firefox browsers are rendering the chart as expected.

The fonts are not applied since the predefined fonts in the theme are not supported by the IE11 browser. You can fix the fonts issue by overriding the predefined font attributes in the applied theme by a IE supported font, e.g.: Arial.

Please refer to this fiddle for the implementation: http://jsfiddle.net/49dw8okn/

For the merging of bars issue, from the data visualization perspective, we suggest you to use the "scrollBar2D" chart to avoid cluttering of plots, thereby getting a clean look. Scroll charts can show a larger number of data plots in a small space.

Please refer to this fiddle for the implementation: http://jsfiddle.net/4e1ydkna/

Please implement the above samples and share your observation.

Hope this will help.

Srishti Jaiswal

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