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  1. Fusiontimes binning not working for hours/minutes

    Hi, This a known issue in the v3.16 of FusionCharts. However, you can expect a fix for this issue with the next release v3.18 of FusionCharts. Please share the your time-zone as well as your app users. Thanks, Srishti
  2. Fusiontimes binning not working for hours/minutes

    Hi, In FusionTime charts you can set binning for different levels like day, minutes, etc. and zoom in to see each data points. Please check your implementation: Please replicate the issue in the above demo so that we can investigation further. Thanks, Srishti
  3. stack100percent chart negative values

    Hi Brian, Welcome. Unfortunately, as of now there's no workaround possible for your use case. Thanks, Srishti
  4. stack100percent chart negative values

    Hi Brian, If you are using "stack100Percent" attribute, the chart will calculate and show the percentage distribution for individual items of a dataset considering only the absolute values and not negative or positive values. Reference: However, if you still want to show the negative values below X axis you need to turn off "stack100Percent" attribute and enable "showPercentInTooltip" to see the percentage value calculated considering the negative value. Demo: Thanks, Srishti
  5. formatNumberScale in timeseries chart?

    Hi, You can disable the default formatting of the y-axis values to display the raw data in the chart. To disable the default formatting of the y-axis values, set the value of defaultFormat attribute to 0 under format object. Demo: Reference: Thanks, Srishti
  6. Auto layout on Drag Node

    Not possible as of now in Drag node charts.
  7. Auto layout on Drag Node

    Hi , As of now automatic positioning and layout of the nodes is not possible in Drag node charts. You will need to specify the x- and y-coordinates for the each node to position them as per your needs. Thanks, Srishti
  8. Value and Color Range

    Hi James, The value should lie between the color range you are defining in the dataSource. However, you can have a value outside the defined color ranged but if your provide a value greater than the defined color range then the widget will automatically choose the color of the max color range for the bulb and vice versa. Thanks, Srishti
  9. Gannt Process tooltip

    Hi Nico, Currently it is not possible to have a tooltip on the process labels that is different from the label itself. Thanks, Srishti
  10. hled lowerLimit now working

    Hi Robert, For the reported scenario, could you please upgrade your current version to the latest, i.e, FusionCharts Suite XT v3.17.0 and check? Change log : FT : To download the Evaluation version of FusionCharts Suite XT v3.17.0, please visit the link: Thanks, Srishti Jaiswal
  11. resize legend position with respect to chart resizing

    Hi Rahul, It is not currently supported to set the legends position exactly above the 3rd last column even if you resize by changing width of chart as of now. Thanks, Srishti
  12. resize legend position with respect to chart resizing

    Hi Rahul, Since you are setting the values of the X and Y coordinates of the legend in fixed pixels using the legendXPosition and legendYPosition attributes, it is the intended behaviour to have the legend render at the provided coordinates, even if you resize. Reference: As of now, it is not possible to resize legend position with respect to chart resizing. Thanks, Srishti
  13. Wrong values on aggregated data tooltips

    Hi, In the below sample, the "Last" aggregation function is used and the timeseries chart is rendered as expected without any errors. Please refer to this demo for implementation: Please try replicating the issue you are facing in the above sample and share with us so that we can check. Thanks, Srishti
  14. New Chart (Combination of Donut & Radial)

    Hi Matthias, In FusionCharts having a combination of doughnut and radial charts is not supported as of now. However, you can use "arc" annotation to achieve your desired visualization. Demo: Please note: Annotations are static in nature hence it's configurations need to be modified if the chart is resized or if it's components are updated at runtime. Thanks, Srishti