Matthias Heizmann

New Chart (Combination of Donut & Radial)

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Hello Together, 

The company I work for wants to buy the Enterprise version of FusionChart. Unfortunately we would be missing a chart. 
Is there a possibility that you can add a chart to your library? Or do you already have a solution?
We would need a chart combination of donut and radial. The radial would show the overall progress.
So the value would never go beyond 100 as a number (100%). The donut has three or five value categories. I've attached three screenshots.

Sincerely, Matthias Heizmann





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Hi Matthias,

In FusionCharts having a combination of doughnut and radial charts is not supported as of now.


However, you can use "arc" annotation to achieve your desired visualization.



Please note: Annotations are static in nature hence it's configurations need to be modified if the chart is resized or if it's components are updated at runtime.




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