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after upgrading fusion chart 3.15 to chart is not working. please help me to solve this issue.

here is the my code

<script language="JavaScript" src="minifier/jvs/fusioncharts.js"></script> 
   <div id="chartdiv" align="center" style="padding-top:10px;">FusionCharts.</div>

      <script type="text/javascript">

		   var chart = new FusionCharts("minifier/jvs/chart.swf?ChartNoDataText=Please select a record above", "ChartId", "370", "197", "0", "0");

chart.setDataXML("<chart bgSWF='charts/chart.jpeg' theme='fint' yaxisname='Your daily visits' basefont='Palatino Linotype' basefontsize='11.2' showyaxisvalues='0'  showvalues='1' valuePosition='ABOVE' chartLeftMargin='13' chartRightMargin='17' canvasBorderColor='ffffff' linethickness='1' showToolTip='0' formatnumberscale='0' anchorradius='4' anchorbgcolor='3366cc' linecolor='3366cc' divlinecolor='666666' divlineisdashed='0' labelstep='2' bgcolor='FFFFFF' showalternatehgridcolor='0' labelpadding='10' canvasborderthickness='1' legendiconscale='1.5' legendshadow= '0' legendborderalpha= '0' legendposition= 'right' canvasborderalpha= '50' numvdivlines= '5' vdivlinealpha= '20'showborder='0' seriesname='Los Angeles Topanga' showFCMenuItem='0'>{$users}</chart>");		   



Thank you in advance.

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The SWF files are deprecated long back which were using in the Flash based versions of FusionCharts.

To render charts using the JS version library you need to include fusionchart.js and fusioncharts.charts.js to render the charts from FusionChartsXT package. Refer to the JavaScript resources in the settings of the below CodePen sample :



Trial version download link of current version 3.15.0-sr.1 :

To render your first chart, refer to this documentation link for the steps and instruction :




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