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Line chart problem

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I am having a problem with the multi series line chart where two or more lines come together at the same X & Y point.

The data is driven from a database connection, so I tried a workaround, whereby I changed the set value by a couple of units but this is having an unwanted effect on the legend.

The issue is that when you mouse over the point in question only the last written value is included in the tool tip, and any link location would react the same. Any ideas? In the below simple example,

Paid Search and Offline Marketing have values of 1,010 on 8/7/2006, the mouse over is not showing both Items, only Paid Search. This issue becomes even more troublesome

when two consecutive points are in identical spots for 2 different items in the legend, you then only have one visible line.

Problems also arise where you plot an average/high/low line on top of data, further increasing the chance of overlapping data 

Info: Chart loaded and initialized.

Initial Width: 600

Initial Height: 400

Scale Mode: noScale

Debug Mode: Yes

Application Message Language: EN

Version: 3.0.4

Chart Type: Multi Series 2D Line Chart

Chart Objects:





















INFO: Chart registered with external script. DOM Id of chart is IssueChart

INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method.

XML Data:

<chart caption="Daily Visits" subcaption="(from 8/6/2006 to 8/12/2006)" lineThickness="1" showValues="0" formatNumberScale="0" anchorRadius="2" divLineAlpha="20" divLineColor="CC3300" divLineIsDashed="1" showAlternateHGridColor="1" alternateHGridAlpha="5" alternateHGridColor="CC3300" shadowAlpha="40" labelStep="2" numvdivlines="5" chartRightMargin="35" bgColor="FFFFFF,CC3300" bgAngle="270" bgAlpha="10,10"><categories><category label="8/6/2006" />
<category label="8/7/2006" />
<category label="8/8/2006" />
<category label="8/9/2006" />
<category label="8/10/2006" />
<category label="8/11/2006" />
<category label="8/12/2006" />
<dataset seriesName="Offline Marketing" color="1D8BD1" anchorBorderColor="1D8BD1" anchorBgColor="1D8BD1"><set value="1327" />
<set value="1010" />
<set value="1699" />
<set value="1511" />
<set value="1904" />
<set value="1957" />
<set value="1296" />
</dataset><dataset seriesName="Search" color="F1683C" anchorBorderColor="F1683C" anchorBgColor="F1683C"><set value="2042" />
<set value="3210" />
<set value="2994" />
<set value="3115" />
<set value="2844" />
<set value="3576" />
<set value="1862" />
</dataset><dataset seriesName="Paid Search" color="2AD62A" anchorBorderColor="2AD62A" anchorBgColor="2AD62A"><set value="850" />
<set value="1010" />
<set value="1116" />
<set value="1234" />
<set value="1210" />
<set value="1054" />
<set value="802" />
</dataset><dataset seriesName="From Mail" color="DBDC25" anchorBorderColor="DBDC25" anchorBgColor="DBDC25"><set value="541" />
<set value="781" />
<set value="920" />
<set value="754" />
<set value="840" />
<set value="893" />
<set value="451" />
</dataset><styles><definition><style name="CaptionFont" type="font" size="12" />
</definition><application><apply toObject="CAPTION" styles="CaptionFont" />
<apply toObject="SUBCAPTION" styles="CaptionFont" />

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Guest Rajroop

Hello Dhaval,




The user at that time was using FusionCharts v3.0.4. The current version is that for FusionCharts v3.1.1.




Are you experiencing the same issue? If so, could you please mail us at [email protected] regarding this?




Looking forward to your mail.

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