{br} tag not working in arabic lang ?

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hey , please any one can help me 

im adding the line below to my XML but the tooltext have Arabic lang , when rendering to chart the tooltext is not clear and It doesn't look well and is overlapping .

but in English working fine, 


please check the attached image file 


    <set value='7448773642.07' color ='#78BE99' tooltext=' البلد : الاردن {br} الترتيب : 1 {br} المساهمات : 587,176 {br} الاوراق المالية : 4,903,546,816 {br} القيمة الإجمالية : 7,448,773,642.07 ' />



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Hi Hosam,


Please check this sample fiddle using your shared data where the tooltip is not displayed as in your shared image.

Sample fiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/c65y9zjb/\

Please check whether you are getting the issue replicated in the above sample. If you still face any issue, kindly replicate the same in the sample fiddle and share with us.


Please note : We are using the current released version of the library 3.16.0.




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