FusionCharts v3.0.7 Released

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We've just released FusionCharts v3.0.7 featuring the following:




* New: True 3D Combination Chart (MSCombi3D.swf) that supports dynamic rotation, scaling and interactivity. You may see demo of the same here


* New: ASP and PHP API to help you easily embed charts in your projects.


* Improved: FusionCharts.js to take care of quotes in XML.


* Improved: Method of providing JavaScript links to chart elements using j- prefix.


* Improved: Ruby on Rails code examples and documentation.


* Improved: In case of no data, all axes can show 0-1 instead of 0-100 previously.


* Bug Fix: Minor bug fix in Pie and Doughnut charts image saving routine.


* Bug Fix: VB.NET and C# FusionCharts DLL improved to support FusionCharts in ASP.NET AJAX update panel.




Licensed users can download the free upgrade from our Product Update Center




We would love to have your feedback on the new chart and API.

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