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Hi , I have the code of setChartData from json file in javascript ( but my charts are in react and would like the same results with that language.

sorry i am beginner whit react .

My react Code :

import React, { ComponentFragment } from "react"
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import FusionCharts from "fusioncharts";
import charts from "fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts";
import ReactFusioncharts from "react-fusioncharts";
import Students from "./Students.json";
import Pie3d from "./Pie3d.json";
import Pie3d2 from "./Pie3d2.json";

// Resolves charts dependancy
class Pie extends React.Component {
  render() {  
    return (
export default Pie;

My javascript code for setChartData (working with my json data) :

FusionCharts.ready(function () {
  var PieData = new FusionCharts({
    type: 'pie3d',
    renderAt: 'chart-container',
    width: '50%',
    height: '50%',
    dataFormat: 'json',
    dataSource: Pie3d

function setData() {
  var year_data = document.getElementById("year").value;
  if (year_data == "2013") {  
  else if (year_data == "2014") {



Thanks for any help.

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