Clicking on series name causing javascript errors in mssplinearea chart

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When testing the mssplinearea chart, I found that any time I click on the series name, the chart stops responding. The javascript console has error:

fusioncharts.js:28 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addPattern' of null
    at t.a.drawPlots (fusioncharts.js:28)
    at t.a.draw (fusioncharts.js:28)
    at t.syncDraw (fusioncharts.js:13)
    at s (fusioncharts.js:13)
    at f (fusioncharts.js:13)
    at t._mapChildren (fusioncharts.js:13)
    at t.childrenSyncDraw (fusioncharts.js:13)
    at t.syncDraw (fusioncharts.js:13)
    at t.updateVisual (fusioncharts.js:13)
    at Object.e.__drawJob [as job] (fusioncharts.js:13)


To reproduce:

1. open this link:

2. click on "Iphone"

3. click on "Iphone" or "Samsung" => no response

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