msstackedcolumn2d chart show only one stacked bar

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I'm trying to work with msstackedcolumn2d in order to see two stacked columns, but somehow I see only one. What am I missing?

"subCaption":"10/2020 - 04/2021",
"xAxisName":"","yAxisName":"Consumption","theme":"fusion","exportEnabled":1,"plotSpacePercent": 80},
"dataset": [{"seriesname":"A import", "color":"009933",
"data": [{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"1.200"},{ "value":"0.410"}]},
{"seriesname":"C import", "color":"3366cc",
"data": [{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"0.470"},{ "value":"1.400"}]}],
"dataset": [{"seriesname":"A export", "color":"80ffbf",
"data": [{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.890"},{ "value":"0.700"}]},
{"seriesname":"C export", "color":"99ddff" ,
"data": [{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.300"},{ "value":"1.700"}]}]
"trendlines": []}}'

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