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Calling javascript functions ..

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we set javascript links in charts (for drill down) as ..


$strXML .= " set label='" . $ors['name'] . "' value='" . $ors['numVal'] . "' link='javaScript:updateChart2(" . $ors['catid'] . ")' ";




Is it possible to call 2 functions with one click? can we set 2 functions like "link=javascript:func1();func2()".


please guide me to correct way.




PS: I can call func2() within func1().. but want to set it on the click.





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I am trying to call a javascript function and am having some difficulties.




The call should look like:


a href="javascript:void loadTab('div_name','link')"




The problem is the apostrophe's when I pass the variables to loadTab. I tried URLENCODING them and doing different things but it keeps saying invalid XML. Even when I use " and try escaping them " it still doesn't work.




Here are my calls with URLENCODE and without:






javascript:void loadTab('chart_point_info','http://localhost/Test/Show/1017/')




I get an error message of "Invalid XML Data". My debug message is:




INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method.


INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method.


ERROR: Invalid XML encountered. An XML element is malformed. Check the XML data that you've provided. If you've special characters in your XML (like %, &, ' or accented characters), please URL Encode them.










Same error message as above.






Any help on how to call this javascript function would be greatly appreciated.










I should also say that I am calling the data using setDataXML. I believe that is why I am having issues with the apostrophe and quotes.

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Could you please provide us XML? Here you calling link with <a href=''> link. This link will not work with in XML. Also you are using wrong java script call. Correct code is

<a href="javascript:loadTab('div_name','link')" > no [void].

If you want this link work for chart XML then Please use link attribute with in <set>


in DataURL method

<set value='100' link='javascript:loadTab('div_name' , 'link' )' />

in DataXML method

<set value='100' link='javascript:loadTab(%25apos;div_name' , %25apos;link' )' />




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