angulargauge upper, lower limits not working

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Hello Everyone,

I am working on the Angular Gauge   (3.16.0) with a lower limit of 0 and a upper limit of 100.

What I want to do is when the value is above 100 to have the dial peg at 100, but the display value at the center of the dial to display the true value.( ex:200)

Right now , I'm facing below issues:

  • when the value is above 100 , the upperlimit : 0  and lowerLimit : 100 chart configurations are not working.
  • For example if the dial peg value is 200 , that time upperlimit is automatically changed to 300, even though i had set upperlimit:100
  • when the dial peg value is -2, that time lowerLimit is automatically changed to -10, even though i had set lowerLimit :0

      Let me know , how it can be achieved?? 


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