How to upgrade from Fusionchart FREE to fusionchartV3 commercial ?

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Actually i use fusionchart FREE. I produce 50 charts with webpage.




i would buy and upgrade to commercial fusionchart V3 licence.




i 'd like to know if i could keep my html/JS/tag code and just update the swf file or if i must re-code all my web pages (a hard task and due moment !) ?




Thanks for help and more please give me an example what to do to upgrade just one chart (FREE to V3)





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FusionCharts v2.3 and  FREE version of FusionCharts are same.

To upgrade from FusionCharts Free to v3 charts, all you need to do is:

  1. Replace v2.3 or Free SWF with the new v3 SWF Files (present in Download Package > Charts folder).
  2. Either rename the v3 SWF files to use old v2.3 or Free SWF names or update your code to use new SWF names.
  3. Clear your browser cache.
The above process doesn't automatically enables the chart to use ALL the new features introduced in v3. To do so, you'll have to add the appropriate v3 elements/attributes in your XML document.

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