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MSColumn3D Background Color

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Does anyone know how to change the background color of the MSColumn3D charts?  It is in the documentation (sort of) but I cannot figure out how to get the underlying green away from the chart.  Don't get me wrong; the default colors are nice but they clash with my site I am embedding the charts into.  I am able to change the background / canvas but it does not seem to apply against the entire background.  Any help would be appreicated.  Here is the base of my XML:

<chart bgColor="ffffff" canvasBgColor="fffff0,ffffff" baseFont="Lucida Sans Unicode" baseFontSize="10" caption="Inspection Per Week" shownames="1" showvalues="0" decimals="0" numberPrefix="" yAxisName="Number of Inspections" xAxisName="Week Number">

Right now it looks nice but the horizontal marker lines are still leaking the green and the "shelf" (is it ok to call it the shelf ;-) ) is still green as well...

Any help & ideas appreciated!

Thanks, Chris

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