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Tooltip/Data point/Vline issue

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I have been trying out PowerCharts for some time now, using the trial version. We are fairly satisfied with the product so far and are seriously considering a purchase. However I recently found a potential bug with the tool which I would like to bring to your attention.




The first attachment, tooltip.jpg, shows a 30-day time series that uses spline plot from PowerCharts, while the top of the screen is its magnification for one of the affected areas.




code.xml shows the specification of the data set being used. There is meant to be a vertical separator (vLine) between the last recorded time of any given day and the first recorded time for the next day. However, when tooltip is enabled, it looks at if the vertical line has a 1-2 hours lag from the data points to the tooltip, as shown on tooltip.jpg.




Further investigation shows that plots with small data sets are slightly less affected but is fairly obvious with larger ones, as in the current situation.




Thank you for your attention, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.




Best regards,



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Thanks a lot for the reply Rahul.




The problem is that we cannot increase the chart width too much for the current project. Besides, increasing the chart width can only improve the situation somewhat. I tried increasing the width to 1600 (larger than my screen resolution) but there are still places with 1 hour lags -- the lines that are meant to be between 23:45 and 00:45 are now between 00:45 and 01:45. Once I thought I put the tags at wrong places but they were alright when I checked.




Any ideas?




Thanks again,



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Hi Derek,




We investigated into the issue and it's not actually a bug. The vLines are rendered at the correct position. The tool-tips are shifting because of overlap of anchors (which are currently invisible). If you set anchorAlpha='15', you'll see how the anchors are overlapping as shown below - this causes the tool-tips to shift (as in attached image Anchor1)




The solution is to make the anchorRadius smaller to 1 - so that they do not overlap, as in attached image (Anchor2)



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A sudden urge drew me back here today and saw your updates. Indeed it's a tricky one when I need to remove the dots on the plot.




Thank you so much for your help! It's much appreciated!





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Guest Angie

Dear User,


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