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Gap between two bar

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I am creating A 'ScrollStackedCol2D' chart.

Consider, i have 8 Colums in this chart.

I need to club the first four and then the next four.

I can do it by setting the gap width.

 If i set the gapwidth of 1st and 2nd Bar=2 then i need the gapwidth of 4th and 5th=4

How i can set it.

I know then it becomes multiseries chart.I done 'MSStackedColumn2D' chart also.But that is not my requirement,that is not scrollable.


Please help me..


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Guest Basundhara Ghosal


I am afraid, as of now, ScrollStackedCol2D chart does not support this.

On a column chart, there is spacing defined between two columns. By default, the spacing is set to 20% of canvas width. If you intend to increase or decrease the spacing between columns, you can do so using the attribute "plotSpacePercent". but in that case it would get effected globally.

However, you can try using "vlines" to separate each group from the other.


Hope this helps. :)

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