PowerCharts v3.1 released

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Dear developers,




We proudly announce the release of PowerCharts v3.1 with the following new features:




- Ability to export charts as PNG/JPG/PDF at client side or server side. We've also devised a batch export mechanism at client side, which allows you to export all the charts in a page as a single image/PDF using one-click.


- Ability to use multi-lingual text in rotated fonts as well. We now use bitmap font technology to render all UTF8 characters.


- Support for automatic wrapping in caption/sub-caption and tool-tips


- Ability to specify labels for vLines and also to configure position of vLines and labels


- Ability to copy data from chart as CSV using context menu, or JavaScript function


- More control over chart using JavaScript - many new APIs and events exposed by chart


- Personalization of chart - you can now add your logos over the chart, and also add an "About your company" to chart's context menu and link it to your URL


- DisplayValue attribute - Each data plot can now display a text value (instead of just the numeric value), allowing a sort of annotation to be rendered for each data point.


- Support for custom palettes for data point. You can now specify a list of colors that the chart will use for rendering data plots (column, pie, bar, line etc.). This allows for global configuration of palettes.




Existing licensed users can download the free upgrade from

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