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xml builder and Styles

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I am trying to style my charts and am having issues getting the xml databuilder to change the chart. I have added the following simple example. Although it seems to build correctly i do not see any changes in the chart. Any clues?



xml =


xml.chart(:caption=>'Problems by category', :numberPrefix=>'

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Hi Michael

1. There is a typo in <definition>, xml.defintion() should be xml.definition()

2. You have not applied the Font to the right object.

Please see, scroll down and see a table for each Object what are the Features Supported.

The Canvas object does not support the Font style.

What is it that you want to achieve? If you want to set the Font color for all text in the canvas, you can use the chart attribute baseFontColor. This attribute sets the base font color of the chart i.e., all the values and the names in the chart which lie on the canvas will be displayed using this font color.

If you want to try styles, then apply this style to Caption and see.

Hope this helps.


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