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error serverside image saving

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the below error gets displayed on a save image call (its in german)


it says CS1056: unexpected Character


FCExporter.aspx.cs row: 16






Compilerfehlermeldung: CS1056: Unerwartetes Zeichen ?.








Zeile 14: * @version 2.0 [ 22 February 2009 ]??


Zeile 15: * ??


Zeile 16: */??


Zeile 17: /**??


Zeile 18: * ChangeLog / Version History:??






Quelldatei: c:Inetpubweb_securedhattrickFusionCharts310ExportHandlersASP_NetFCExporter.aspx.cs Zeile: 16

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sorry for the late reply.


i have replaced those 2 files now but still the same error (also it looks like the same version of the files i had already):




Serverfehler in der Anwendung /.




Beschreibung: Fehler bei der Kompilierung einer Ressource, die zur Verarbeitung dieser Anforderung erforderlich ist.

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HI, That did the trick :w00t: Thank you very much.


While i have you here may i ask if i can adjust the quality of jpegs somehow? it is trimmed for small file size / low quality it seems. Or do i have to use png for better quality (didnt try that yet)


thanks again and keep up the good work!



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Hello hayde,

Both the jpeg and the png are set to best quality (100%), here.

The reason that the image quality is limited is because in Flash, only 72dpi images can be created. :ermm:

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hmm. well my knowledge on the technical side of image compressions is very limited but the jpeg appeared with a lot of scattering. now regardless of dpi this is a sign for low compression. a jpeg at 100% quality even at 72dpi shouldnt be that low on quality. to emphasize this i attached 3 pics. 2 are image saves from fusioncharts. the third is the PNG saved from fusioncharts exported as JPG with 100% quality from Photoshop. If you compare the Fusioncharts generated JPG with the JPG generated via Photoshop from the PNG you will see what i mean (zoom in on text on the side).




Nevertheless thats not a big issue for me but maybe something you are not aware of when you say a JPG is exported with 100% quality.








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