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websphere portlet crossdomain.xml issue

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Hi All,




Using WebSphere Portal Server 6.0, I have created a basic JSR-168 portlet.


I am trying to display the chart using the createChart function.


However, The chart doesn't load and gives "Error in loading data."




Portlet gives the error "A WebGroup/Virtual Host to handle /crossdomain.xml has not been defined."




The debug info for chart says - Chart loaded and initialized.




What am I missing? I am new to portlets and don't have must experience with FusionCharts either.


Any help would be great. Thanks.

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"Error in loading data' error message confirms that chart is unable to load/find/access the XML data file, so please make sure that path to xml data file is correct, also try open the xml data file link in a browser.
Also for addition information regarding crossdomain.xml please refer to: 

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