Rahul Kumar

Fusion Charts 3.1 Client Side Exporting Problem with Mozilla

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We are checking Fusion Charts 3.1 Client Side Exporting capability with given examples. The given examples are working fine with IE7 but we are unable save the chart as image/pdf in any of other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Safari). 

We are getting a pop up alert window when we run this example on Google Chrome browser(See attachment for this).

Please share  ideas to resolve this.



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I have driven into a new problem when i started using Client side exporting with my dashboards (It is working fine with the given examples)

We have a dashboard with two charts in a single page.Intialy one chart will be displayed, once we click on this chart the second chart will come up. We are using javascript function to call the action which renders second chart. When we click on Begin Batch Export button (after two charts are rendered) , the export dialog is coming only on the second chart and only this chart is loading into export component.The first chart is getting ignored here. When i call action from first chart without javascript wrapper everything working fine but here we have to use javascript as we are using ajax to drill down. This problem exist only with IE.

I have posted similar kind of problem with IE and javascript earliar and here is the link for that:  http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic11854-33-1.aspx


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