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Problems exporting and saving image on server disk

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The handler is programmed to accept image data with all meta data as HTTP post.




If it is called without any additional request it would through the same error anywhere as you have seen - it has not received data...so insufficient data.




This is a separate issue.




Here, please check whether you are providing the 'correct path to the remote handler' in the XML of the chart using exportHandler attribute.

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Thank you for your reply!

The text above is what both handlers write when I put the url in the browser (no data is given):


http://esafcenter/ESAFDocServerPROD/ChartsExportHandlers/FCExporter.aspx (remote server)


http://localhost/ESAFPdfServer/ChartsExportHandlers/FCExporter.aspx (localhost)


I think the path to the remote handler is right, bacause it responds the same way that the handler in localhost does when i access via browser. But when i actually want to export the image... when i use the handler in localhost, it works just fine, the image is saved on server disk... but when I use the handler in remote server... it gets stuck waiting for the remote server.


note: the handlers and the 'folder structure' are the same in both servers: localhost (aka production) and remote (aka quality)


Thank you for your time (and sorry about my english :cool: )



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Did you check whether the file has been saved or not? In Firefox there is some issue with this "Transferring data..." message which somtimes never stops.




Please also check the folder permission on the server.




You can set the debugMode of chart on to see what is the actual result.




We had tested with remote servers with out any issues.

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