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COMBI3D Line Colour

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I have a COMBI3D chart in whic I have Income and Cost (both as bars) and Net Income (as Line). When I change the color of 1 occurence of lne it won't change can this be a bug? Line color won't change where I set color to CC0033..

<dataset seriesName='Net Income' renderAs="Line" color="88B500">

  <set value='78000'  />

  <set value='24000'  />

  <set value='17000'  />

  <set value='-43000' color = 'CC0033'/>

  <set value='68000'  />

  <set value='40000'  />

  <set value='88000'  />

  <set value='-50000' color = 'CC0033'/>

  <set value='62000'  />

  <set value='-30000' color = 'CC0033'/>

  <set value='58000'  />

  <set value='-37000' color = 'CC0033'/>


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Welcome to the forum.




I am afraid the feature of setting the color of individual data elements in the Combi3D chart is not available at this time.




We have made a note of the suggestion and put it on our wishlist.

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