Discount coupon gives 10% and not 15% as advertised

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The last "FusionCharts update" newsletter included a coupon code for a big discount of 25%.


I was very disappointed that actually using the code on the buy page only gives 10% and not 25% as advertised. What could be wrong? Is this going to be fixed?







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Hi Arik,




We had given 25% discount on our three new products: FusionCharts for Flex, FusionCharts for VB and FusionCharts for Dreamweaver. On the FusionCharts suite, the discount was only 10%.

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Guest Rajroop

Hello :),




We are really excited to announce the release of FusionCharts for Flex v1.1 featuring the following:




- 12 new chart types: 7 new gauges including Angular gauge, LED gauge and Linear gauge, Spark chart and Bullet graphs have been added.


- All the gauges can fetch data in real-time and come with alert managers and message loggers.


- All the charts and gauges can now be natively exported as images and PDFs.


- The data for all the charts can be exported as CSV.


- Data sets can now have custom text labels instead of numeric values.


- The charts can handle a lot more events to help you manipulate them better.


- Trendlines can also have custom tool-text.


- Custom color palettes can be defined for the data plots.




Learn more about it from www.fusioncharts.com/flex. and learn what's new in FusionCharts for Flex from http://www.fusioncharts.com/flex/VersionHistory.asp.




Existing customers can upgrade to the new version from www.fusioncharts.com/PUC.

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