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showToolTip on Drawing Bullet

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<chart caption='percent' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='60' palette='4' showValue='0' showBorder='0'  showTickValues='0' showTickMarks='0' showToolTip='0'>


  <color minValue='0' maxValue='20' code='FF654F'/>

  <color minValue='20' maxValue='40' code='F6BD0F'/>

  <color minValue='40' maxValue='60' code='8BBA00'/>





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We checked the XML you have sent and it seems to work on our computers.




If this XML does not work on your chart, you can try two things:




1. Go to and see if you have the updated version of FusionWidgets.




2. In case you are already using the updated version, could you please check if you are using a duplicate attribute of showToolTip which is set to one?




Hope this helps.

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