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Xml Issue

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Hi There,

I am using the ScrollLine2d.swf and doing the following

1) using XSL to create a string that has the chart

2) using json to send the data to the browser

3) using setDataXML method to render the chart.

My labels on the axis appear to work on other charts but it renders the chart with the escape chars e.g. I use ' in the xml and it renders it as just that. Can you please help. I have a project due this week. I am attaching the xml file to look at. Please refer to the attribute YAxisName.

PLease help!


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Guest Rajroop





Could you specify which character you are trying to display by using #39?




Also, could you set the BOM?




To insert the accent characters you would need to first add BOM characters to the file after that need to encode your string with utf8_encode() function.




Please see the following code for an example:


$fp = fopen("relatorios/DataXMLFusion.xml" , "w");


$fw = fwrite($fp, "xEFxBBxBF");


$fw = fwrite($fp,utf8_encode($xml));




Hope this helps. :)

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