FusionChartsHelper.class is not compatable with JDK 1.4

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I am using the FusionChartsHelper in jsp as:




strDataURL = FusionChartsHelper.encodeDataURL(par);




We are getting an error when trying to use the FusionChartsHelper class file from


FusionCharts v3.1 (Release: 24th February 2009) licensed version.




I have the Jdeveloper with jdk1.4 , so when I tried to import the FusionChartsHelper .class file and build my project its giving below error message:




Error: cannot access class com.fusioncharts.FusionChartsHelper; class file has wrong version 50.0, should be 45.3 or 46.0 or 47.0 or 48.0




So please provide the FusionChartsHelper.class file which can be used with java1.4











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